Tippecanoe School Corporation

Car Rider Procedures

Morning Drop-Off

1. In order to be efficient, the first vehicle shall always proceed all the way to the sidewalk outside of door #15 prior to letting any child(ren) out of the vehicle.

2. No child should exit a vehicle until that vehicle is along the sidewalk. All children will exit the vehicle on the driver’s side and enter the school through door #14.

3. Children may not be dropped off until 8:45 AM. Door #14 locks at 9:00 AM. At 9:00 AM, you must pull to the front of the building and sign your child(ren) in at the office.

Afternoon Pick-Up

1. The car rider pick­-up process will begin at approximately 3:30 PM.

2. The last name(s) of the car rider(s) must be visibly displayed in the front window of each vehicle upon pick-­up. Names should be written in marker so the attendant can easily see from a distance.

3. Children will remain inside the school until an outside attendant radios to an inside attendant for each child. Parents should advise their child(ren) to remain attentive while waiting for their ride as it is difficult to hear names being called when children are loud inside the school. This also prolongs the process.

4. Children must enter the vehicle via the driver’s side. This is for the safety of the child(ren) you are picking up! Parents may NOT park and walk to the door to get their child(ren). Crossing the car rider line is dangerous.

5. Children may not go home with another student without permission. Please contact the office prior to 3:00 PM with any change in riding arrangements.

6. All parents must remain in their vehicle during drop­-off and pick­-up. If your child needs help with their seat belt at pick-­up, please pull into a parking spot and proceed to help the child at this time.

7. For the safety of all children, DO NOT pull around cars in the drop-­off/pick­-up area even if you have already dropped ­off or picked up your own child(ren).

Be patient and think “SAFETY”!