Tippecanoe School Corporation

PTO Minutes

August Minutes

Wyandotte PTO


August 9, 2018

10:15 am

All board members present: Mary Beth Fitzgerald, Emily Cary, Chelsea McLaughlin, Monica Figueras,

Jessica Tetrault

New Business – elect Monica treasurer

- Mary Beth nominated Monica, Chelsea seconded

- Unanimous board vote to elect Monica as treasurer

Calendar – approved by board

Grants – Mary Beth to write grant for playground equipment for $500

- Approval per finalized budget review

Emily Cary, PTO president, and Monica Figueras, PTO treasurer, are to be added on the to Wyandotte

PTO accounts at Lafayette Bank and Trust and removal of Krystal Balser and Michelle Watts

Meeting adjourned at 10:21 am

Notes submitted by: Jessica Tetrault, secretary

September Minutes

Wyandotte PTO

September 10, 2018

Meeting Notes

- All board members present: Emily Cary, Chelsea McLaughlin, Nikki Choate, Monica Figueras, Jessica


- School Update – Mary Beth Fitzgerald

o Start of school going well!

o Donuts with Dad coming up

o Figure out after school management of PTO kids meeting in office

 Emily comes early, will corral kids in office, then with note from parent, will move

kids to library

- Kindergarten Teacher update:

o Using the guided reading units

o Possible need for flexible seating in future

- Old Business – August notes already approved last month, reviewed

- New Business –

o Treasurer’s report: reviewed budget, cookie dough fundraiser. See attached report

o Grant updates – reviewed grants and are in process of approval

o President’s Report – Connecting through social media positive feedback

 Meeting with website coordinator to improve site and add information

 Spring sale – bulbs, have ready in time for mother’s day – maybe include student

council to help with wrapping

 School supply orders at beginning of year – approved by Chelsea and seconded by


 Riley Wagon – match student council funds – approved by Jessica and seconded by


 Get change at movie night for wagon

 Look into getting snacks or something of encouragement for test taking weeks for

students. Cafeteria manager could possible help with getting bulk items at discount

o Spirit Wear – sell shirts at back to school night and kindergarten round up

 Choose Kind, glitter shirt, and “W” shirt approved for spirit wear options

 Heathered navy?, dark gray/taupe?, orange Harrison shirt?

 Get order forms out in October

o Donuts with Dad/Mom - plates have been ordered

o Cookie Dough – fundraiser down from last year. Meet with fundraiser head to figure out

new incentives to get participation up

o Movie night – going to email parents who have volunteered. If at all possible, parents are

requested to stay the entire time of movie. Jessica will work with parents individually on

time if changes need to be made. Jessica to make poster for Donuts with Dad to advertise

movie night.

o Book Fair – changes with book fair this year to come. Will be held in library, open fewer

hours, count money after each shift.

o Box Tops – will count the Thurs/Fri before Book Fair

 Classroom challenges

o Teacher Apprication – Thursday “Nacho Average Teacher”

o Restaurant Nights – Hole In One – September 15 from 12-5

 Azzip pizza for October?

 Other future possibilities: chipotle?, Moe’s?, Copper Moon?

o Hawk Walk – no silent auction this year

 Possible 5-/50 raffle

 Sponsorship needed

 Subaru to donate raffle prize?

 Ribbons to kids who complete the 5k

o Spirit Rock – going to form committee

Next meeting: October 15 at 3:45 in library

Meeting adjourned at 5:10 PM

Notes submitted by: Jessica Tetrault, secretary

October Minutes

Wyandotte PTO Meeting Notes

October 15, 2018

All board members present: Emily Cary – President, Chelsea McLaughlin – Vice President, Nikki Choate – Vice President, Monica Figueras – Treasurer, Jessica Tetrault – Secretary

1st grade team update – enjoying flexible seating! May need to purchase a couple more donut seats

Enjoying leveled reader books!

Principal Report – Meet the TSC board dinner with Emily Cary on Monday night

Picture retakes on Wednesday Oct 16

Pie the Principal – Friday, Oct 19

ISTEP – excellent previous year grades

Conferences – goal is 100% attendance

Barnes and Noble night – first week in December – will double check date

Family Reading Night – Nov 28

Previous meeting notes – motion to approve – Monica, Second – Chelsea

Treasurer’s Report

Cookie dough did excellent and made more money than previous year!

Library/computer grant – approved

Backpacks/supply closet/caring closet – increase budget to $10,000

Motion to buy Quickbooks – approved

Kindergarten grant request – flexible seating – approved

Writing workshop grant – request by 4th grade teachers – approved

Principal grant request – to help staff have more time to develop curriculum and planning as a grade level. Grant to pay for subs – approved

November Minutes

Wyandotte PTO Meeting Notes

November 19, 2018

All board members present: Emily Cary – President, Chelsea McLaughlin – Vice President, Nikki Choate – Vice President, Monica Figueras – Treasurer, Jessica Tetrault – Secretary and Principal Mary Beth Fitzgerald

3rd grade team update – veterans program was a huge success! Approved to add line item in next years budget for the program - $250

STEM closet – add items if running low

Soft start kits – to be bought as a school and shared among classrooms

Previous minutes – approved by Monica Figueras and seconded by Chelsea McLaughlin

Principal Update –

Awesome job with canned food – over 3,000 cans collected!

Met with Tri-Kappa to thank them for the support of cash and monetary donation

Jingo Bingo coming up

Barnes and Noble night – name the drink, singing at 7:15

Treasurer’s Report - $41,000 in account. Budget approved by Emily Cary and seconded by Jessica Tetrault

Committee Reports all committees looking good and succcessful

Movie night – success! Make sure to have intermission and add info on sheet to bring stuffed animal/blanket/pjs

Spirit Wear – great selection and success! Will be open to limited selection all year

Book Fair – possibly next year turn a winter book fair into a one night sing a long/book fair/family reading night instead of Barnes and Noble

Teacher Appreciation – winter gifts discussed and TBD

Restaurant Nights – Dec 4 – AZZIP pizza

Script – to be run by Monica Petrariu

Meeting adjourned at 4:58 PM

December Minutes

Wyandotte PTO Meeting Notes

December 17, 2018

All board members present: Emily Cary – President, Chelsea McLaughlin – Vice President, Nikki Choate – Vice President, Monica Figueras – Treasurer, Jessica Tetrault – Secretary

Treasurer’s report – all agree previous treasurer should be the one who signs tax forms from their term. – approve – Amy Maxwell, seconded – Jessica Tetrault

Still waiting on receipts from teachers and check from AZZIP pizza

President’s report – new website coming!

Redo taco food truck after it was cancelled last minute due to transmission problems? – they offered to do 2 meals for the price of 1. Firs week back to school? And teacher appreciation in May?

Spirit wear – open back up!

Adjourned at 4:19 pm

Next meeting: January 14, 2019

Notes submitted by Jessica Tetrault

January Minutes

Wyandotte PTO Meeting Notes

January 14, 2019

All board members present: Emily Cary – President, Chelsea McLaughlin – Vice President, Nikki Choate – Vice President, Monica Figueras – Treasurer, Jessica Tetrault – Secretary, Principal – Mrs. Fitzgerald

  • -Motion to approve December notes from Emily Cary, seconded by Holly Hess.
  • -2nd grade team update – Really enjoying mountain math, field trip - purdue women’s basketball game, Prophetstown – in May, State fair Fround – Farm to Pizza – in April
  • -Scholastic new and read works
  • -Mystery Doug – loving!

Treasurer Report –

  • -Ipad has been purchase and given to Mrs. Rush
  • -See attached report
  • -Need to purchase microwave for lounge
  • -Follow up with check not cashed by Mrs. Williams
  • -Make teacher grants envelopes for teachers

Principal Update –

  • -Fun Decemeber!!
  • -Won food finders $1000 and dontated back!

President’s Update –

  • -Taco truck coming back out the 22nd
  • -Wednesday the 23rd TSC PTO meeting

Spirit wear update – open!

Donuts with Mom - working on getting best donut deal – 50 cents a donut, $35 delievery fee, plus extra 10 % off because of large quantity ordered

Movie night – coming up January 18

  • -Talked about the march after school movie organization

Book fair – Feb 4-8

Teacher appreciation – Fit February, Marker Madness for March

Restaurant nights – Chipotle – 2/19 4-8 pm

March - ?

April 16 – Culvers 5-8 pm

June – chic-fil-a???

May – Qdoba

Hawk Walk –

Amy – getting sponsor letter sent home by end of January

  • -No silent auction, replace with possible 50/50 raffle? – make note that says No silent auction, bring cash for 50/50
  • -Buy a square to do transactions
  • -Kiddie Kollege to organize a small kid zone
  • -Release design early for teachers to wear to promote shirt
  • -Registration forms for race go home after spring break

Spirit Rock – working on online sign up with supersaas – wyespiritrock@gmail.com

Buy Ipad and square for PTO

Testing Week treats – order through Jodi

Scrip – video to help understand how to use?

Meeting adjourned at 5:06 pm

Notes submitted by Jessica Tetrault

March Minutes

Wyandotte PTO notes

March 18, 2019

All board members present: Emily Cary, Chelsea McLaughlin, Monica Figueras, Mary Beth Fitzgerald, Jessica Tetrault

5th grade teachers update:

Camp Tecumseh – awesome for kiddos! Thankful for PTO for paying for students who are unable to pay.

Used money for guided reading books

Time magazine

Next year looking into professional development training

Principal update –

  • -Author coming
  • -I Read happening
  • -I Learn – coming up in April
  • -Movie night fun!
  • -Donuts with mom was awesome! Delivery by mary Lous is so nice

Charms – look into buying for the next school year

4 charms/grade level

January minutes – Emily motioned to approve, seconded by Misty – approved

  • -Taco truck success! Back again in May for teachers

Treasurer’s report –

$257 box top

  • -Advertise better for restaurant nights
  • §Put in newsletter
  • §Make events on facebook page

Conferences night food – Dream Dinners to always do Tuesday nights

  • -Thursday night – keep meal light/snacky
  • oPossibly use Sams Club for fruit and meat trays

Treasurer Updates –

  • -Teacher conferences – they have been really great for teachers that PTO pays
  • -Teacher appreciation – over budget
  • -Scrip orders – not making an impactful profit
  • -Teachers grant receipts due April 1
  • -Mrs. Wickes – grant proposal to add STEM to soft start – approved

PTO president to State House in Indianapolis, if any questions or concerns check with Emily.

Donut Days – lessen to 2 days instead of 3

Movie nights – next school year do each semester: 1 after school and 1 night movie

Restaurant nights – Culver in April

  • -Send out reminders
  • -Make facebook event

Hawk Walk – get more sponsors

  • -Jess to check with Target

Teacher Appreciation - megean changed email to megeanbauer@gmail.com

School Kids boxes – waiting on teacher lists, May is goal to get lists

Bulb Sale – flyers to go out April 1st

  • -Shipped first week of May
  • -Order bags off Amazon?
  • -Student council to do gift wrapping
  • -Company will ship in boxes per teacher’s class

Daddy/Daughter Dance and Mother/Son dance – possible next year acitivity

Look into increasing 5th grade party budget

Meeting adjourned at 5:45

Notes submitted by Jessica Tetrault

April Minutes

Wyandotte Elementary PTO Notes

April 15, 2019

All board members present: Emily Cary, Chelsea McLaughlin, Nikki Choate, Monica Figueras, Jessica Tetrault

4th grade update – still using National Geographics, STEM supplies, websites

Loved the all day writing workshop that they had put in a grant for and PTO paid

Enjoying growth mindset parties

Got some IKEA stools, taller standing tables, science cabinet materials, updated indoor recess games and got new protractors!

Motion to approve 2 square purchases – approved (Looking into making sure there is a 1 line input/day, and not for each transaction

Bulb Fundaiser – no one chose gift wrap, will not offer next year

Make it earlier next year – before spring break

See how the delivery process goes to reevaluate to do every year or every other?

March minutes reviewed – approved by Nikki Choate, seconded by Chelsea McLaughlin

Treasurer’s Report – see attached

Need to reapprove slightly tweaked budget as it was readjusted for easier input.

Estimate bulb income about $3,000 – we make 50%

Possibly cancel Scrip – not enough of a fundraiser

Make sure grant proposals get to Kay/MB first

Anderson – end of year party – to approve after more info is received

Capouch – flex seating – approve after more info is received