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Sign Up for Delay and Cancellation Notifications
Sign Up for Delay and Cancellation Notifications

Be sure to sign up for the TSC Alerts for Delays and Cancellations.

1. Go to TSC webpage
2. Click on the lightning bolt by quicklinks
3. Scroll to bottom to to TSC alerts and notifications
4. Sign in with your Powerschool email and password
5. Once in, the screen looks the same. Go to the upper left hand corner where your name is and hover over...it brings up a menu. On menu select "subscriptions".
6. This will open a new window. A third of the way down under phone, click on the "add text enabled phone"
7. This brings up a pop up window. Click ok and add your cell phone number including area code and carrier. click save. Next you will receive a verification code. Enter code then click verify. If you do not receive a code within a minute click request code.
8. Continue down and under "News Alerts" click settings then click your phone number then select "TSC Alerts, Delays and closings" and "Wyandotte Elementary Alerts"
9. Scroll to bottom and select the calendars. I will warn you...if you select the testing calendar you get a text message it seems like all the time even in the middle of the night.
10. you can also add your email at the bottom for message notifications then click "update Settings"
11. When you log out on that screen, your selections "should" be saved.

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