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Girls Running Club

WYE Girls Running Club

The Wyandotte Girls Running Club is a club dedicated to working with 4th and 5th grade girls. This program is not just about physical health, it is also about self esteem and teamwork. We want our girls to gain the confidence and self control to become strong healthy leaders in and out of the classroom. Throughout this program the girls will meet with coaches two times a week for around 9 weeks to work on many skills. During each week we devote one day to educating the girls on how to live a healthy life including nutrition, self ­confidence, balancing emotions, and being a good friend/team mate. The other day is devoted to teaching the girls many different ways to include fitness into their daily lives including different forms of exercise and the correct techniques. Each practice will also include time to build their running stamina. This training period will not only be full of fun, but it will all help the girls to be able to run the entire 5K at our annual Hawk Walk in May.